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In which year did the first war of independence take place?

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint:Here we will talk about the first war of independence or more popularly called as peasant uprising. This war was the very first conscious agitation towards British exploitation. It was initiated by the sepoys of Bengal presidency in Meerut.

Complete answer:
Let’s discuss this in much greater detail. From the beginning itself that is from the $1600's$, people of India and mainly the peasantry class did not welcome the company with an open heart as did for Mughals. British policies and methods were very repressive, selfish and exploitative due to which peasants and farmers faced a lot of difficulties.
To list some, we see that Indians were discriminated against racially by the Europeans and also were interfered in their religious affairs. Apart from farmers and peasants, even the zamindars and nawabs were also exploited by the company through their policies namely, doctrine of lapse and subsidiary alliance. Doctrine of lapse was the direct way of capturing the kingdoms and subsidiary alliance was the indirect method to do the same. Each and every person was in distress and annoyed but were not able to do anything against such a powerful and diplomatic company.

People were tolerating the oppressive policies of British until the final spark ignited, the whole ambition of eradicating the rule of British from India. People of India are very religious as we all know and do not accept any kind of interference especially by a foreigner. Plus, they did not indulge themselves in any activity which was against their religion. And this is what happened. News spread like fire that the cartridge that had to be bitten off before loading it into the gun was greased with either pig fat or made from cow fat. This was against the Hindu and Muslim sentiments and religious ideologies. Thus, they were reluctant to use the ‘Enfield’ rifle. This was a flashpoint to enrage the soldiers against the Britishers. This was purely an attack on their religion. Therefore, they couldn’t keep themselves from going against Britishers this time. Thus they got up to fight against them although in a very unorganised manner in $1857$. They attacked the British officers, destroyed things, and put on fire the police chowkies which led to deaths of many British officials. This attempt of sepoys shook the foundations of British company and made them realize their mistakes.Hence, the first war of independence took place in $1857$.

Note: This was a complete failure of Indians because not all the communities of India got involved in the war. Many leaders, nawabs and kings were supporters of British therefore going against them was not their forte plus they had no courage. This move of sepoys was condemned both by Britishers and Indians.