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In which part of the world is seasonal grasslands found?

Last updated date: 15th Jun 2024
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Hint:Natural vegetation is vegetation or plants that grow on their own and without human interference. These plants follow the variables of nature and are classified into three broad categories-forests, grasslands and shrubs.

Complete Answer:Grasslands are vegetations where primarily grass, grass-like plants ,sedge and rush grow. This kind of vegetation is found in areas of moderate to low rainfall. Flat in nature , grasslands are habitat for grazing animals as well as predators.

There are two kinds of grasslands- tropical grassland and temperate grasslands. Tropical grasslands extend from the equator to the tropics. Temperate grasslands on the other hand, are found in mid latitudinal zones and interior parts of the continent.

Temperate grasslands are also called seasonal grasslands. Occurring in mid latitudes in the interior part of continents, temperate grasslands include Eurasian steppes, North American prairies, and Argentine pampas. These are flat open grasslands where the temperatures vary with season. Temperate grasslands often experience tornadoes, blizzards and wildfires. Some other examples of the same are Australia’s downs, Hungary’s puszta, New Zealand’s downs, Russian steppes and South Africa’s veldts. The grass here is mostly short and nutritious with roots that go deep into the soils. Wild buffaloes, antelopes and bison are common here.

Therefore the correct answer is that temperate grasslands are found in mid latitudes and interior parts of the country.

Note:Unlike temperate grasslands, tropical grasslands have taller grass. The Savanna grasslands of Africa is an example of tropical grasslands. While temperate grasslands are found in transition zones between temperate forests and deserts, tropical grasslands are found between tropical forest and deserts.