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In which battle was the French defeated decisively during the third Carnatic war?
A. Battle of Sarbai
B. Battle of Buxar
C. Battle of Wandiwash
D. Battle of Plassey

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Hint: The third Carnatic war was fought between the French and the British, wherein the latter emerged as the winner. The third Carnatic war was fought for seven years.

Complete answer: The French were defeated in the battle of Wandiwash during the third Carnatic war. Count de Lally was the French General at that time and Lieutenant-General Sir Eyre Coote was the British general. It took place in 1757 – 1763 in Carnatic, South India. The Seven Year’s War finally broke out in the year 1756 in Europe. Therefore, once again England and France were to fight against one another. However, there were no major engagements for these two in the Indian Subcontinent until 1757. It was only after the Battle of Plassey in 1757 that the British forces took over Chandannagar from the French. As a form of revenge the French, under Count de Lally, captured Fort St. George. They even attacked the English because they wanted to acquire Madras. These bore no results and they were defeated by English forces in the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760. The French not only lost the battle but also lost their Indian possessions including Pondicherry, Mahe, Gingee and Karaikal. This marked the end of French hopes of building an empire in India and established Britain as the supreme European power.
Therefore option “C” is the correct answer.

Note: The outcome of the war was the Treaty of Paris in 1763. According to the Treaty, Chandannagar and Pondicherry were restored to France. However, they were barred from fortifying themselves or possessing troops. They were only allowed to have trading ventures.