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In what condition is the “right to seek redressal” exercised?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Right to seek redressal is one of the six consumer’s right under section 6 of the consumer protection act. Right to Information is described by the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 as "the right to be told about nature, quantity, potency, purity, norm, and price of products in order to protect the consumer from unfair trade practises."

Complete answer:
Right to seek redressal means the right to demand redress in the event of unfair trade practices or market manipulation. It also requires the right to a just resolution of a consumer's genuine grievances. Consumers must file a lawsuit whether they have legitimate complaints. Their complaint can be minor in nature, but their effect on society as a whole may be important.

The conditions to seek redressal are as follows:
- Consumers have the right to demand remedies for exploitation and unfair trade practices.
- If a customer’s product is harmed, he or she has the right to claim, which varies based on the severity of the damage.
- There is a need for a simple and efficient public structure to do this. for example, Prakash had sent a money order to his village in preparation for his daughter's wedding. The money did not arrive when his daughter wanted it, nor did it arrive months later. As a result, Prakash lodged a complaint with the district consumer court and exercised his right to claim remedies.

Note: A consumer may contact the District Forum, State Commission, or National Commission if they believe their consumer rights have been violated. In addition, if the claimant is dissatisfied with the Consumer Court's decision, he can appeal to a higher court.