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In the tools which are used to dig the soil, the iron blade in these tools is fixed to the wooden handle. Which of the following is used during the change?
C.Both expansion and contraction
D.Neither expansion nor contraction

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint:The tool consists of a metal ring which aids the metal blade to fix into the wooden handle upon temperature change. Expansion refers to increase in volume whereas Compression refers to decrease in volume.

Complete step by step answer:
The tools which are used to dig the soil mainly consist of an iron blade and a wooden handle which are fixed together with a small metal ring.
Iron blade is fixed in wood with the help of a small metal ring.
When a material is subjected to heating if it’s a good conductor then the volume will increase which is termed as expanding.
The metal ring is slightly smaller in size; it is as when it is heated the ring being a good conductor of heat expands such that a wooden part will be put into it.
It is a property of an expanded metal to decrease its volume when subjected to cooling, also known as compression or contraction.
When it is cooled the rings contracts again to its normal size and then the wooden part will be stuck into the ring properly.
As the process results in a very robust lock, this is why metal blades stick with its wooden part.
The correct answer is (C) both expansion and contraction.

Wood is a bad conductor of heat; thus it won’t affect the expansion or contraction process.
The joint is so hard that it will be effective for a long time.
The metal blade is made of iron which has a high boiling point thus the ring should be of suitable material to make such a tool.