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In the frigid zone the summer temperature varies from _________.
A.$0^\circ {\text{C - }}10^\circ {\text{C}}$
B.$3^\circ {\text{C - }}12^\circ {\text{C}}$
C.$10^\circ {\text{C - }}15^\circ {\text{C}}$
D.$20^\circ {\text{C - }}40^\circ {\text{C}}$

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Hint: Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons which occurs after spring and prior to autumn. The days are longest and the nights are shortest with a decrease in day length as the season progresses after the solstice. The recommended thermostat setting is 78 degrees F in the summer.

Complete answer: The field or zone between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole, or between the South Pole and the Antarctic Circle is known as the frigid zone. For a part of the year, the two frigid zones, or polar regions, experience the midnight sun and polar night. There is one day at the edge of the zone when the Sun is invisible at the winter solstice, and one day at the summer solstice when the Sun remains for 24 hours above the horizon. The day is one year long in the center of the zone, with six months of daylight and six months of night. The coldest regions of the Earth are the frigid zones, usually covered in ice and snow. As this region lies farthest from the equator, it receives slanting rays from the sun. Each of the two hemispheres is located in the frigid zone. The frigid zone is the coldest area on the earth's surface and is covered all year round with snow. The temperature varies from 3 degrees to 12 degrees in the summer.

Thus, option (B) is correct.

Note: In the frigid zone, there are only two possible transport methods, which are either the mode of transport by air or the mode of transport by water. Due to the cold, life in the frigid zone is difficult. The ground is permanently covered with ice in some places. In Antarctica, people from all over the world conduct research, but Antarctica is not owned by any single nation. Through the Antarctic Treaty System, Antarctica is governed internationally.