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In girls, the muscles of the body grow more prominently than in the boys.
A. True
B. False

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Hint:The period of transition from childhood to adulthood is called adolescence. This period varies from person to person. At puberty, various changes take place in the body of boys and girls.

Complete answer:
(i) Puberty is the age at which the sex hormones and gametes begin to be produced and the boy and girl becomes sexually matured, is called puberty. Boys attain puberty at the age of 14 to 15 years and girls attain puberty at 11-12 years.
(ii) Various changes take place at puberty like increase in height, change in body shape, change in voice, increased activity of sweat and sebaccous glands, development of sex organs, production of hormones and mental, intellectual and emotional maturity.
(iii) In boys shoulders and chest become broader due to body growth. In boys, the muscles of the body grow more prominently than girls. In girls hips become broader and the pelvic region widens. Thus changes occurring in boys and girls are different because in boys the muscles of the body grow more prominently.

The correct option is (B) False.

Note: (i) During adolescence, the body attains reproductive maturity. Many changes take place during this stage.
(ii) The onset of puberty brings about growth of the reproductive organs.
(iii) Children gain height, weight during adolescence.
(iv) All these changes are controlled by hormones.
(v) Students must notice that the boys in their class have broader shoulders and wider chests than boys in junior classes.