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In general terms, describe the location of the human organ systems.

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: The organ systems refer to the group of certain organs that interact together to perform various functions. The human body comprises several organ systems that help humans to perform different kinds of tasks.

Complete answer:The human body is made up of eleven important organ systems. These organ systems are –
Circulatory system: It is made up of organs like the heart and blood vessels. It helps in transporting the oxygenated blood throughout the body to make oxygen available to all the organs.
Respiratory system: It is made up of organs like the Lungs, respiratory tract, and mouth and nose. It helps in the exchange of gases.
Digestive system: It consists of several organs like the stomach, mouth, esophagus, intestines, and anus. It helps in obtaining nutrition from the food.
Excretory system: It is made up of kidneys and other accessory organs. They help in excreting the harmful nitrogenous wastes from the human body in the form of urine.
Nervous system: It is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves originating from them. It helps in controlling our body and performing various voluntary and involuntary actions and taking several decisions.
Endocrine system: It is made up of various different organs that release the chemical functions known as hormones which help in the normal functioning of the body.
Skeletal system: It is made up of bones, and ligaments and it helps in locomotion.
Muscular system: It is made up of muscles and it provides the body flexibility and helps in locomotion.
Reproductive system: It is made up of different organs in males and females and other accessory organs. They help in the reproduction of the offspring.
Lymphatic system: It is made up of lymph nodes and a fluid called lymph. Its main function is to provide immunity to the body.
Integumentary system: It comprises skin. It protects the inner delicate organs of the body from external damages.

Note: Human anatomy is the study of the internal structures and organs of the human body. It deals with the manner in which different organs interact to form the functional units. Human anatomy deals with the structure and the relationship of all the body parts. It also helps people to understand the characteristics of various body organs and parts. The father of human anatomy is Andreas Vesalius.