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What is in depth subsistence farming?

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Farmers use their small land holdings to supply enough, for his or her neighbourhood consumption, even as final produce is used for change towards different goods. There are three types of features of intensive farming.

Complete Answer:
In in depth subsistence agriculture, the farmer cultivates a small plot of land the use of easy gear and extra labour. In this kind of farming, the rural manufacturing is accelerated with the aid of the use of excessive doses of biochemical inputs and higher agricultural inputs.
Features of intensive farming: This kind of agriculture is specially practiced in densely populated regions. Secondly it is labour-in depth farming . Lastly, yield in keeping with unit place is excessive however productiveness is low
Despite the primacy of self-sufficiency in subsistence farming, these days maximum subsistence farmers additionally take part in alternate to a few degrees, even though generally for items that aren't important for survival which may include sugar, iron roofing-sheets, bicycles, used clothing, and so forth.
Types of subsistence farming-
Primitive or Simple Subsistence Farming: Primitive farming is the oldest shape of agriculture and this kind of farming is performed on self-enough foundation and farmers develop meals simplest for themselves and their families. Some small surpluses can be both exchanged with the aid of using barter or offered for cash. It is higher called transferring cultivation.
Intensive Subsistence Farming: The term, ‘in depth subsistence agriculture’ is used to explain a kind of agriculture characterized with the aid of using excessive output in keeping with units. This shape of agriculture is fine evolved in and nearly constrained to the monsoon lands of Asia.

Note: Subsistence agriculture may be used as a poverty relief strategy, especially as a protection internet for meals-fee shocks and for meals security. Subsistence agriculture may be utilized in low-profits nations as part of coverage responses to a meals crisis. The two types of subsistence farming are primitive and intensive.