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In an experiment set up to prove oxygen is required for seed germination, an alkaline solution of pyrogallol is used which of the following is the correct reason for using it in the experiment.
A. Alkaline pyrogallol is an excellent adsorbing solution.
B. Alkaline pyrogallol absorbs oxygen.
C. Alkaline pyrogallol increases the chances of seed germination.
D. Alkaline pyrogallol initiates dormancy in seeds.

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Hint: Seed germination or simple germination is a process by which seed germinate and develop into a plant. Due to the germination of the seed, the stem arises from the plumule and the root arises from the radical.

Step by step answer:
-In the beaker A where alkaline pyrogallol is used the seed didn’t germinate.
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-But in the beaker B where alkaline pyrogallol is used the seed germinates.
-The reason for the following was that in the beaker A alkaline pyrogallol absorbed the oxygen.
-But in the beaker B alkaline pyrogallol was not present due to which the seeds germinated as oxygen was there.
-In the following experiment, it was proved that germinating seeds require oxygen.

Hence, the correct answer is ( B )

Additional information :
-Seed germination is an important process in the life cycle of plants. The seeds have reserve food material. It enters the stage of dormancy until the conditions are good for germination.
-Seed germination is affected by oxygen, temperature, and also by water.
-Seed germinates at optimum temperature at which the enzymes are mostly active . If the temperature is less than optimum then the metabolic process of seed decreases and if the temperature is high then the enzyme can not work efficiently.
-Water is also an important factor for the germination of seed as we have seen that most of the plants germinate during the rainy season.
Note: Abscisic acid plays a very important role in seed germination.Seed germination is affected by oxygen, temperature, and also by water.