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In a survey, it was found that 40% people use petrol, 35% use diesel and remaining CNG for their vehicles. Find the probability that the person uses CNG. Which is more appropriate to use?

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: We will first find out the percentage of people who use CNG by subtracting the given data. After that, we will just convert the percentage into the decimal to get the probability.

Complete answer:
Since, we are given that “In a survey, it was found that 40% people use petrol, 35% use diesel and remaining CNG for their vehicles”.
Now, since 40% use petrol and 35% use diesel and the rest use CNG, we have:-
Percentage of people who use CNG = ( 100 – 40 – 35 ) % = 25%
Therefore, 25% of the people use CNG for their vehicles.
$ \Rightarrow $Probability that a person uses CNG = $\dfrac{{25}}{{100}} = \dfrac{1}{4}$

Hence, the correct answer is $\dfrac{1}{4}$.

Now, we need to evaluate which is more appropriate to use.
Definitely CNG is the most appropriate fuel to use in vehicles because it does not lead to the scarcity of fuels like petrol and diesel and is very eco – friendly as well. It is very sustainable for the environment and does not lead to any pollution. It eventually helps us save money as well. In first time installation, it may cost more money than other options but eventually it helps us save a lot of it as well.

The students must note that we converted the percentage into probability by dividing that unit by 100 and thus we got the required answer.
The students must also note that saving our environment is up to us only. We need to make it breathable but the consumption of fuel and pollution is making it invisible for us to do so. So choosing CNG over petrol and diesel may be a bit difficult but eventually be good on our pocket as well as environment.