In a shower, $5cm$ of rain falls. Find the volume of water that falls on $2$ hectares of ground.

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Hint- Volume of rainfall in a given area will be the product of the area of the ground taken under consideration and the depth of rain falling on the given area of the land.

Given that Area of land = $2$ hectare
Converting the area of the land in
As we know that
$1$ hectare $ = 10000{m^2}$
$\therefore 2$ hectares $ = 2 \times 10000{m^2} = 20000{m^2}$
$ \Rightarrow 2$ hectares
   = \left( {20000 \times 100 \times 100} \right)c{m^2}\left[ {\because 1m = 100cm} \right] \\
   = 200000000c{m^2} \\
Depth of rainfall $ = 5cm$
So, the volume of rainfall is = area x depth
   = \left( {200000000 \times 5} \right)c{m^3} \\
   = 1000000000c{m^3} \\
   = 1000{m^3} \\
Hence, the volume of rainfall is $1000{m^3}$ .

Note- In these types of questions most of the mistakes occur due to differences in units. So units must be taken care of at the time of simplification. First step is conversion of a hectare into square meters and then finally to centimeters.
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