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In 1919, ______ joined a small group called the German Workers' Party and took over the organisation and renamed it the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
B.Adam Smith
E.None of these

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Hint: After World War I finished, Adolf Hitler got back to Munich. Having no proper training or profession possibilities, he attempted to stay in the military however long possible.[6] In July 1919, he was selected Verbindungsmann (knowledge specialist) of an Aufklärungskommando (observation commando) of the Reichswehr to impact different warriors and to explore the DAP. While observing the exercises of the DAP, Hitler got pulled in to author Anton Drexler's enemy of Semitic, patriot, hostile to industrialist, and against Marxist thoughts.

Complete answer: While going to a gathering meeting at the Sterneckerbräu brew corridor on 12 September 1919, Hitler got associated with a warmed political contention with a guest, Professor Baumann, who scrutinized the adequacy of Gottfried Fender’s contentions on the side of Bavaria nonconformity and against capitalism. In energetically assaulting the man's contentions, he established a connection with the other party individuals with his speech abilities and, as indicated by Hitler, Baumann left the lobby recognizing unequivocal defeat.Impressed with Hitler's rhetorical aptitudes, Drexler urged him to join. On the sets of his military bosses, Hitler applied to join the party.Although Hitler at first needed to shape his own gathering, he professed to have been persuaded to join the DAP on the grounds that it was little and he could in the end turn into its chief.
In under seven days, Hitler got a postcard expressing he had formerly been acknowledged as a part and he should go to a board of trustees meeting to examine it. Hitler went to the board meeting held at the once-over Altes Rosenbad brew house.Normally, enrolled armed force faculty were not permitted to join ideological groups. For this situation, Hitler had Captain Karl Mayr's consent to join the DAP. Further, Hitler was permitted to remain in the military and get his week after week pay of 20 gold denotes a week.At when Hitler joined the gathering, there were no participation numbers or cards. It was in January 1920 when a numeration was given unexpectedly and recorded in sequential request Hitler got the number 555. In all actuality, he had been the 55th part, however the tallying began at the number 501 to cause the gathering to show up larger.In his work Mein Kampf, Hitler later professed to be the seventh party part, and he was truth be told the seventh chief individual from the gathering's focal committee.After giving his first discourse for the DAP on 16 October at the Hofbräukeller, Hitler immediately turned into the gathering's most dynamic speaker. Hitler's significant rhetoric and publicity abilities were valued by the gathering initiative as groups rushed to hear his addresses during 1919–1920. With the help of Drexler, Hitler got head of promulgation for the gathering in mid 1920. Hitler favoured that part as he considered himself to be the drummer for a public reason. He considered promulgation to be the best approach to carry patriotism to the general population.

Thus, the answer is option D: Hitler.

Note: The modest number of gathering individuals were immediately prevailed upon to Hitler's political convictions. He coordinated their greatest gathering yet of 2,000 individuals for 24 February 1920 in the Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München. Further trying to make the gathering all the more extensively speaking to bigger portions of the populace, the DAP was renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) on 24 February.Such was the importance of Hitler's specific move in exposure that Harrer left the gathering in disagreement. The new name was acquired from an alternate Austrian gathering dynamic at that point (the Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei, for example the German National Socialist Workers' Party), despite the fact that Hitler prior proposed the gathering to be renamed the Social Revolutionary Party. It was Rudolf Jung who convinced Hitler to embrace the NSDAP name.