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Improvements in our lifestyle have resulted in greater amounts of waste generation. Given two examples to support the given statement. Suggest one change that we can incorporate in our lifestyle in order to reduce non biodegradable waste.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The present day lifestyle is one of the most important reasons for increased waste generation in nature. Modern technologies and findings also lead a way to increased waste generation.

Complete Answer:
- Waste is unnecessary or unusable material. Waste is any material which is surplus after major use, or is valueless, faulty and of no use. A by product by difference is a combined product of relatively minor economic value.
- Our varying lifestyle in the developed world has a great deal to do with the altering nature of work. Right through human history, most people used up most of their time pursuing food, clothing and shelter. Those activities were demanding and labor-intensive. Initially , humans figured out how to replace some human labor with domesticated animals and then we figured out how to put back animals with machines.
- Ever more, the production of the material items we put away has become robotic and requires less and less human labor. At the start of the 20th century, forty percent of Americans worked in agriculture.
- Last year it was approximately one percent. We raise more food than ever in the United States, but we grow more of it with machines than human work. The day to day development in our lifestyle has resulted in larger amounts of waste generation.
- The use of throwaway items like paper plates, plastic items, polythenes etc. is increasing day by day. Changes in casing of different items also results in more waste as people carelessly throw them in an open environment.
- Some of the methods which can be used to reduce waste generation. Are the following Re-use of plastic containers, polythene bags for other functions can reduce the non-biodegradable wastes. Jute bags or paper bags can be used as an alternative to polythene bags.

Note: The improvement in our lifestyle has shown the way to greater amounts of waste generation. Increased use of paper plates, plastic, polythene, etc. and aluminium foil in packaging industries has resulted in a large amount of waste accumulation which is rising day by day.