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important Oil fields of the Brahmaputra Valley include_____
A. Digboi and Kilboi
B. Lunej and Ankleshwar
C. Badarpur and Masimpur
D. Naharkatia and Moran

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Hint: An oil reservoir or oil and gas store is a subsurface pool of hydrocarbons contained in permeable or cracked stone developments. Oil supplies are comprehensively classified as conventional and unconventional resources.

Complete Answer:
In conventional stores, the naturally occurring hydrocarbons, for example, raw petroleum or natural gas, are caught by overlying stone arrangements with lower penetrability, while in unconventional repositories, the stones have high porosity and low permeability, which keeps the hydrocarbons caught set up, hence not needing a cap rock. Repositories are discovered utilizing hydrocarbon investigation strategies. One-shore oil fields are situated in the Brahmaputra valley of north-east India, Gujarat coast in western India, and Cauvery on-shore bowl in Tamil Nadu. Other than Andhra Pradesh it has both on-shore and seaward oil holds.
Assam is the nation's most established oil-creating state and its significant oil fields are Digboi field, Naharkatiya field, and Moran-Hugrijan field. The significant oil fields in Gujarat are Ankleshwar field, Kalol and Ahmedabad fields, and Khambhat or Lunej field. In Rajasthan, the significant basin from which unrefined petroleum is being created in the Barmer bowl. The oil fields which length the whole bowl are called: Mangala Area, Bhagyam field, Aishwarya field. In the seaward districts, the Western Coast overwhelms oil creation with the significant fields being: Bombay High Bassein field and Panna-Mukta field.

Thus, option (D) is correct.

Note: Gujarat additionally holds the seaward region Kutch bowl for potential stockpiling destinations of petroleum gas. In the East, the bowls of Krishna-Godavari and Cauvery are the primary oil-delivering areas for India.