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If two angles are complementary, then the sum of their measures is…………………………

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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Hint- Think for definition of complementary angles. Complementary angles add up to give a sum of $90^0$.

Now we have been given that we have two angles and they are complimentary now we need to tell the sum of their measure.
Two angles are said to be complementary angles if sum of both the angle is equal to ${90^0}$
Let us suppose we have two angles $\alpha ,\beta $such that $\alpha + \beta = {90^0}$ then both of them are said to be complimentary
Hence the answer to this problem is ${90^0}$.

Note- Whenever we come across such problems the basic understanding of the definitions of supplementary, complementary angles can guide you through to reach to the solution.
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