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If $5$ men or $7$ women can earn $Rs.700$ per day, how much would $7$ men $1$ woman earn price

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint- In this question we will use the concept of unitary method. It is a method in which we find the value of a unit and then the value of a required number of units.

Complete step by step solution-
By applying unitary method we can get,
Since daily earning of $5$ men $ = 700Rs.$
$\therefore $ Daily earning of $1$ man $ = \dfrac{{700}}{5} = 140Rs.$
$\therefore $ Daily earning of $7$ men $ = 140 \times 7$
  $ = 840Rs.$ -------equation (1)
Similarly, for women
Since daily earning of $7$ women $ = 700Rs.$
$\therefore $ Daily earning of $1$ women $ = \dfrac{{700 \times 1}}{7}$
  $ = 100Rs.$ ------equation (2)
On adding the equation (1) and equation (2),
Daily earning of $7$ men and $1$ women $ = 840 + 100 = 940Rs.$
Answer- $940Rs.$

Note: There are two types of Unitary method-
1)Direct Variation- In this type, increase or decrease in one quantity will cause an increase or decrease in another quantity.
2)Inverse Variation- In this type, if we increase a quantity, then the value of another quantity gets decreased and vice-versa.
Any of these two can be used based on the problem asked