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Identify the error in the following sentence:
The inflation rate in the country is so high that (A) even with (B) adjusted wages, most workers (C) can barely (D) pay for food and shelter. No error (E).
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
e) E

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Hint: To identify errors in a sentence, read the sentence carefully, and take note of the underlined parts since we have to find out errors only from the underlined part. Check for any grammatical errors in any of the parts which are underlined.

Complete answer:
Let us look at the underlined phrases in the given sentence.
The first option is “so high that”. There is no error in this part.
The second option is “even with”. There is no error in this part either.
Option C is “most workers”. There is no error in this part of the sentence.
Option D is “can barely”. There is no error in this part.
If we read the whole sentence at once, we can see that there is no error in any of the parts. Therefore, we have to select option E, which is “No error”.
Option E corresponds to option e in the given options, therefore, the correct answer is option e.

Sometimes students may think that options like “No error” or “None of the above” are to trick the students into thinking that there is no error in the sentence. However, sometimes it really is the case that there is no error in the sentence as is the case with the given question. Thus, it is important to read the question very carefully and to find out if there is really a mistake. Also, do not try to find out errors in parts that are not underlined or asked in the question.