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Identify the correct feature of democracy.
A. Decision are imposed on the people
B. Rights for government
C. One-party rule
D. Major decision are taken by elected leaders

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Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people by Abraham Lincoln. In this form of government, people can elect their leaders with full freedom

Complete answer:
The decision is not forced on people. They have free and fair elections to choose their leaders.

The Principles of democratic government lie under the boundaries laid down by the constitution law and the rights of people.

In India, people can choose the leader from a variety of political parties having different political views. Basically, India is a multi-party system. The one-party rule means it has only one political party which has the right to form a government based on the constitution. For example, China as a single party communist party holds the sole authority over state and government.

The people's will is essential in a democracy. Democracy is a system of governance in which the people are elected officials. In a democracy, the ultimate decision-making authority must remain with those chosen by the electorate. Both big decisions are also made by political officials on behalf of the people.

Therefore, the correct answer is D

Let us take the example of Myanmar, where rulers have not been elected by the people because it is the non-democratic government. Many who were in command of the army of the nation took over as rulers, and the people had no voice in the judgement. Dictators such as Pinochet (Chile) are not elected by the people. This extends to monarchies as well. This will help the learners to differentiate between democratic and non-democratic governments.