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I have a projector that takes small pictures and projects them onto a large screen so that a large group of people can view the pictures. What kind of lens can be used to create images on the screen, and where should the pictures be placed in relation to the lens and its focal length f?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Lenses with a concave shape a concave lens is the polar opposite, with the outer surfaces curving inward, causing parallel light rays to diverge or curve outward. Concave lenses are often referred to as diverging lenses because of this. To make light rays reach out into the distance, concave lenses are used in items like TV projectors.

Complete step by step answer:
A projector is a device that makes a large picture of a small target. The slide, or film, is illuminated by a small but powerful source of light mounted behind the projector lens beyond its focal length.
A condenser and a concave mirror are used to increase the amount of light from the source that actually passes through the transparent slide or film.
To get a right-side-up picture on the frame, the slide must be placed in the projector upside down.
As a result of the above gathered information, we can deduce that a concave lens can be used to project a small picture on a large screen so that the image can be magnified if the object is at its focus.

Note: Since the tiny intense light source gets really hot, you can never move a projector until it has cooled down to avoid damaging it. The cooling fan on most projectors continues to run even after the light source has been turned off.