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How do you simplify $16\div 8\bullet 2$? \[\]

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: We recall the BODMAS or PEMDAS rule to solve numerical expression with more than one operation. So we follow the BODMAS rule and first divide 16 by 8 and the result is multiplied with 2 to get the answer.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We know that an expression with numbers and arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and division are called numerical expression. We know how to find a solution when we are given two numbers and one arithmetic operation but when we are given more than two numbers with more than one operation we use the BODMAS rule to solve.
The BODMAS rule states that when we are given an expression with multiple arithmetic operations and then we have first simplify the terms with brackets and then order (or power or exponent), division, multiplication, addition, subtraction in that sequence.
We are given in the question the following numerical expression.
\[16\div 8\bullet 2\]
We see that we are given three numbers and 2 operations: multiplication and division. So we follow the BODMAS rule and solve multiplication first by dividing 16 by 8 to get 2 .
\[16\div 8\bullet 2=2\bullet 2\]
We multiply the result of division 2 with 2 to have
\[16\div 8\bullet 2=2\bullet 2=4\]
So the answer is 4.

Note: The BODMAS rule is also called PEMDAS rule which tells us to solve operations in the following sequence: parenthesis (another name for bracket), exponent (other name for power) the division/multiplication, addition/subtraction. If both division and multiplication are present in the expression then we solve from left to right. We are given $16\div 8\bullet 2$ where we first operate division because it is the first operation from left and then we do the multiplication.