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Groundwater will not be depleted due to
(a) Afforestation
(b) Thermal power plant
(c) Loss of forest and decreased rainfall
(d) Cropping of high water demanding crop

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Hint: This involves the plantation of more and more trees because the roots of the trees hold the soil.

Complete answer:
Groundwater will not be depleted due to afforestation. Afforestation is a process through which a stand of trees or forest is established in an area where there is no previous tree cover. Trees make the groundwater stable as the roots of the trees bind the soil particles and stop from being erosion and thus help in maintaining the water table. Thus afforestation does not lead to the depletion of groundwater.

Additional Information: -Afforestation also leads to rainfall at the right time of the season and in a stable amount.
-Thermal power plant: They use an excessive amount of water in the boiler, cooling system, and ash handling system. Maximum water is wasted in the cooling system through evaporation.
-Loss of forest and decreased rainfall will also lead to the depletion of groundwater and drought.
-Cropping of high water demanding plants will absorb the water in large amounts from the ground and results in groundwater depletion.

So, the correct answer is “afforestation”.

Note: Rainwater harvesting is a water conservation method and it can also increase the level of groundwater. This can be done by collecting the rainwater on the roofs of buildings and transferring them to a filtering unit through a good piping system. After filtering, the rainwater can be transferred to underground water. This water can be used in the dry seasons as well when there is a decrease in the groundwater level due to many reasons, one of them being excessive evaporation.
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