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Give reasons for the following:
Square is also a parallelogram.

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Hint: Square has all sides equal and opposite sides parallel to each other.

In a square, all sides are equal, alternate sides of a square are at right angled i.e. perpendicular to each other and opposite sides parallel.
In a parallelogram, all sides are equal and opposite sides parallel.
So, we conclude that a parallelogram cannot always be called a square as there is no stringent rule about the angle between two alternate sides. But if that angle becomes equal to, then it becomes a square. Hence, square is an example of a parallelogram when the angle between alternate sides becomes $90^0$.

Note: For this type of problem, always try to keep in mind the constraints required. Here we saw the constraints to be a square and a parallelogram. Thus, on comparing both, we figured out the reason.
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