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Give any two real time examples for congruent shapes.

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: Congruent shapes are exactly the same in nature. They can be defined using any of the congruent properties, for instance, in a triangle the congruence can be defined as AAA or SAS or AAS property.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Here, congruent shapes are meant to be exactly the same in every nature, be it size or dimensions or shape. It cannot differ in any sense not even in mirrored form.
Real-life examples for congruent shapes are:
A) Biscuits in a packet in unbroken form
B) Pens of same company and model, in a box full of pens
Here, in the case of biscuits, they are exactly the same in every form, be it design or dimensions.
Similarly, in the case of pens, if they belong to the same company and same model, it will definitely be the same in size and shape. But it might differ in colour, which is not going to affect its congruence.
Hence, the two real-life examples of congruent shapes are Biscuits in a packet and Pen in a box full of pens.

Note: Congruence is only judged by its physical appearance such as shape, size and dimensions. It is not dependent on its colour or texture. For instance, pens of different companies might be non-congruent as they might differ in length or diameter or cap size, or biscuits of different companies like Britannia and Parle-G are quite different from each other, thus non-congruent in nature. Even though they might be the same in colour.