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Give a reason as to why the seasonal reversal of wind direction takes place over the Indian subcontinent?

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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Hint: The reversal of the wind is due to the difference between the pressure at different points. It causes differential pressure. Pressure is one of the important factors responsible for various activities.

Complete answer:
The Indian sub-continent lies in the southern part of Asia. The countries that come under the Indian subcontinent are Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. India is a part of “Gondwanaland” and the states that come under this include Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra.
The seasonal change in the wind direction occurs due to the heavy rainfall that lasts for a few months in India, the coastal area that receives the maximum rainfall in Tamil Nadu, is one of the major reasons for this change, the drought-prone areas such as Gujarat and Rajasthan also affect the wind direction. The Himalayas are the area of high pressure and low temperature and the ocean receives low pressure which causes a complete reversal and gives birth to the southwest monsoon.
Additional Information – The term “ reversal of the monsoon” can be defined as the winds that flow from south-west to north-east direction. El Nino is one of the major reasons that affect the direction of the wind.

Note – The El Nino effect refers to the continuous change in the global climate that causes rainfall on one side of the continent and drought on the other side of the continent. The effect also leads to intense storms in some parts of the Indian subcontinent.

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