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Gersoppa waterfall is located in ___________.
C. India
D. Tanzania

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Hint: The Gersoppa waterfall is also known as Jog Falls. It is three times higher than Niagara Falls and was discovered 150 years ago.

Complete Step by Step Answer: The Gersoppa waterfall or Jog falls is created by the Sharavathi river dropping from a height of 253 meters, that is, 829 ft, three times higher than the Niagara Falls in the United States. It is the highest plunge waterfall situated in Karnataka’s Shimoga district. This waterfall drops directly and does not stream on to rocks and is described as the highest untired waterfall situation in India. It was discovered by the British explorers, nearly 150 years ago.
 The Linganamakki Dam was constructed across the river Sharavathi and has been operational since 1948. The power station is of 120 MW capacity, making it one of the largest hydroelectric stations in India during that time and at present a small source of electric power to Karnataka.
Let us examine the options –
Option A – The Kaieteur Falls is situated in Guyana and not Gersoppa waterfall. The Kaieteur fall is the world’s largest single drop waterfall with a height of 741 feet that is 226 metres.
Option B – The Kabalega Falls also known as the Murchison falls is located in Uganda between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the Victoria Nile.
Option C – Gersoppa waterfall, also known as Jogada Gundi in the regional language is situated in the Indian State of Karnataka created by the Sharavathi river.
Option D – The correct option is India and not Tanzania.

Thus, option (C) is correct.

Note: Karnataka’s 30 per cent power is generated by this waterfall. To avoid any further confusion, you need to study the geographical background of the Gersoppa waterfall.