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What is the function of the split ring commutator and carbon brushes in an electric motor?

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Hint:Here in order to solve the given question we will recall what are the parts of an electric motor, their functions and working of the electric motor.An electric motor is a device used to convert electricity into mechanical energy opposite to an electric generator. They operate using principles of electromagnetism.

Complete answer:
A simple motor has the below mentioned parts along with their function:
A power supply – usually DC for a simple motor, Field Magnet – permanent magnet or an electromagnet, An Armature or rotor, Commutator, Brushes and Axle.
Power Source: A simple motor mostly has a DC power source. It supplies power to the motor armature core or field coils.
Split ring commutator: It is the rotating interface of the armature coil with a stationary circuit where the split ring reverses the current at a given point to maintain the shaft torque in a magnetic field.
Field Magnet: The magnetic field helps to produce a torque on the rotating armature coil by using Fleming’s left-hand rule.
Armature Core: Holds the armature coil in place and provides it the mechanical support.
Armature Coil: It helps the motor to run properly.
Carbon Brushes: It is a device that conducts current between stationary wires and moving parts ensuring spark-free commutation, most commonly called the rotating shaft.

The working of an electric motor is based on the fact that a current carrying conductor generates a magnetic field around it. The magnetic field of the magnets interferes with that produced electricity due to electric current flowing in the conductor. Since the loop becomes a magnet, one side of it will be attracted to the north pole of the magnet and the other to the south pole. This causes the loop to continuously rotate. Above was the principle of working of an electric motor.

Note:Electric motors are used in a variety of applications. Some of them are mentioned below. Drills, Water Pumps, Hard Disc Drives, Washing Machines, Industrial Equipment, Ceiling fan, etc. The efficiency of a functioning motor is generally around 70 – 85% as the remaining energy is wasted in heat production and sounds emitted.
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