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What is the function of neurons?
A. It helps in conducting impulses.
B. It helps in regulating control and coordination in the animals.
C. Both A and B.
D. None of the above

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Hint: Neurons systems have basic functional units of called neurons. These neurons generate electrical signals and transmit information over long distances.

Complete answer:
The neurons of the nervous system conduct electrical impulses, or signals for communication. Neurons are also called nerve cells, they are structurally and functionally unique. Components of the neuron are made up of three major parts: Cell body, dendrite, and axon.
Cell body: It contains the nucleus of the cell and keeps the cell alive.
Dendrite: These are branching treelike fibre which collects information from cells.
Axon: It transmits information away from the cell body toward other neurons.
The axons are surrounded by a layer of fatty tissue called myelin sheath. The nervous system operates using an electrochemical process. Action potentials can trigger both chemical and electrical synapses. The neurotransmitters communicate with other neurons across the spaces between the cells. It helps in the conduction of impulses. Neurons vary in size, shape, and structure depending on their role and location. Neurons are electrically excitable cells and are the core components of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

Note:Neurogenesis is the creation of new nerve cells. It may occur in some parts of the brain after birth. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's are neurodegenerative diseases.