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Funaria is a Moss
A) True
B) False

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Moss is basically a green small, non vascular plant. It has leaf like structure, arranged around the stem and spore borne in a capsule.

Complete Answer:
- Funaria is a genus of approximately 200 species of Moss. Among them funaria hygrometrica is the most common species in the funaria.
- This species of funaria is also called the cord Moss. Funaria has a height of 3 to 5 cm in a radial symmetry. Leaves of these plants are countless and multicellular.
- Multicellular means it has many cells in its leaves. This plant is autotrophic so it prepared food for himself.
- These plants love shades. Its branches are rhizoids with oblique sceptres. These plants have no vascular system.
- These are a type of 'Water moss' which grows on moist Shady and damp soil. Funaria's class is 'Bryopsida', it's scientific name is 'Funaria', it's kingdom is 'Plantae', it's division is 'Bryophyte' and subclass is 'Funarlidae'.

Funaria has all the properties of mosses. So we can define funaria as a moss. Hence the correct answer is true.

Note: Funaria is the common Moss which is also known as 'Cord Moss', 'Green Moss', ‘Bonfire moss'.