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From the following statements, which statements are correct
A. The common organic pesticides are tobacco decoction and neem kernel suspension.
B. Trichocards are the biological control mechanisms of pests.
C. Pseudomonas are widely used in trichocards.
D. Traps and burning torches are used for the mechanical control of pests and bugs.

(a) A, B, C and D
(b) A, B and D
(c) B, C and D
(d) A and B

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Hint: Generally, Pesticides enable the farmers in curbing soil erosion in order to produce more crops. The use of pesticides controls the noxious weeds and invasive species that harm the precious grains and high-quality crops. It thus helps to conserve the environment.

Complete answer:
Organic pesticides are typically not man made but eco-friendly. Such organic pesticides are allowed for organic food production and they only have harmful effects on pests such as bugs, moulds, and rodents. The most common organic pesticides include neem kernel suspension and tobacco decoction which are mainly used to attack or kill pests.
Burning torches and traps are the most important traditional methods that are used to trap and control the damages caused by pests and bugs in agricultural fields.
Trichocards have a layer of sticky substance that kills the pest in its egg stage itself. This is one of the biological control mechanisms of pests which is used in sugarcane fields, usually at the Kerala side.
Trichocards mostly contain the eggs of the surrogate host called Trichogramma larvae. These eggs release pests to kill or tackle another pest like the leaf roller worm or stem borer worm. The Pest emerges or releases from trichocards, moves to another place or it will die without food.
Pseudomonas are well known in reducing severity of various diseases and promoting plant growth. It is widely used as a trichocards.

Hence, the correct answer is option (a).

Note: Pesticides are categorized into several types depending upon the kinds of pests which they kill. They are as follows:
-Insecticides which attack on insects. Eg. DDT
-Herbicides that are used to kill or inhibit the growth of unwanted plants. Eg. Diclofop
-Rodenticides are used for the purpose to kill rodents (rats, mice, squirrels, etc.) Eg. Warfarin
-Bactericides are used to kill bacteria directly
-Fungicides used to prevent or attack on the growth of fungus and their spores
-Larvicides which are used to kill the insect at its larval stage of life.