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Form the adverb of the following word:
a) Softly
b) Softer
c) Softest
d) Soften

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Hint: An adverb expresses a relation of place, time, manner or cause, etc. you can use the “adverb suffix” to change the form of a word and make it adverb from its original or root word.

Complete answer:
 Adverbs are words that usually modify verbs, adjectives, phrases, etc. Some examples of adverbs are – slowly, rapidly, sadly, warmly, etc.
Now, suffixes can change the meaning and formation of a root word. Therefore, we can use the adverb suffixes to change soft into an adverb. Such suffixes include -ly, -ward, and –wise.
As you can see here, if you use these three suffixes we get – softly, softward and softwise. Now, as you can see here the only word that is grammatically correct is softly. Therefore, that is our answer.
So, we can say that a correct solution is an option (a), i.e. softly.
Now, why are the other options not correct?
Well, for that let us now discuss the other options that we have –
Option b – softer is a comparative adjective. Therefore, this is not a correct solution as we need an adverb and not an adjective.
Option c – softest is a superlative adjective. Therefore, this also is not a correct solution as the question has asked to form an adverb and not an adjective.
Option d – soften is a verb. Therefore, this too is not the correct solution as we have to form an adverb and not a verb.
Therefore, this implies that the correct answer is the solution in option (a).

 An adverb suffix includes three main suffixes and they are -ly, -ward, and –wise. This will help you get to the correct answer.