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- What force is required to produce an acceleration of $3m/{s^2}$ in an object of mass \[0.7kg\]?
A) $2.1$
B) $100$
C) $1.1$
D) $5$

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: In this question, we can calculate the required force by using the relation between force, mass and acceleration which is represented as $F = ma$. The acceleration here is not the gravitational acceleration.

Complete step by step solution:
We know that if a body of mass \[m\] is having an acceleration \[a\] then the force \[F\] on the body is given as-
$F = ma$
According to the question, we have \[m = 0.7kg\] and \[a = 3m/{s^2}\], then the force on the body will be found by substituting the values in the above formula. So, we get-
  F = 0.7 \times 3 \\
   \Rightarrow F = 2.1kgm/{s^2} \\
\end{gathered} $
Or we can write-
$F = 2.1N$
(As we know that $1N = 1kgm/{s^2}$)
Hence, $2.1N$ of force is required to produce an acceleration of $3m/{s^2}$ in an object of mass \[0.7kg\].

Therefore, option A is correct.

Additional Information: If two objects are in interaction then there will be a force upon each object. If this interaction ceases (becomes zero or tends to zero) then the force on both objects becomes zero. In other words, a force is an interaction which changes the course of motion i.e. it makes a moving body to come in rest or makes a rest body to have motion. In general, it is also said a push or pull which gives displacement to the object.
Force is a vector quantity which means the force has its direction.

Note: In this question, we have to remember that the required force is always equal to the product of the mass and acceleration. We also remember that $1N = 1kgm/{s^2}$as the unit of force is Newton.