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How many of the following will show the growth or increase in mass? Mountain, Boulders, sand mound, Dead organism, plants.
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Hint: Increase in mass is a property of growth for multicellular organisms that can increase their mass to indicate their growth, but unicellular organisms cannot increase their mass or scale, so growing their population or number through reproduction is a property of their growth for them.

Complete answer:
Mountains expand at a rapid pace (a few millimetres per year) until the forces that create them cease to exist. Also as they rise, erosion processes are causing them to be cut down. Wind-blown sand eats away at surfaces, glacier ice scouring the soil, and water in lakes are all examples of these cycles. Boulders (rocks) can rise in height and size.

Per year, children get taller, heavier, and smarter. Rocks become larger, heavier, and stronger over time, but it takes thousands or even millions of years for a rock to shift. Travertine is a kind of rock that grows near springs where water flows from below to the surface.Plants grow by lengthening their stems and roots. Some plants, especially those that are woody, thicken as they age. Main development refers to the lengthening of the shoot and root as a result of cell division in the apical meristem of the shoot.

Mountain ranges, sand mounds, and crystals are examples of non-living objects that evolve due to the addition of matter from the outside. This is referred to as accretion. Non-living things, on the other hand, show this form of development by accumulating material on the soil.Decomposition is the breakdown of dead organic matter into simpler organic and inorganic matter including carbon dioxide, water, basic sugars, and mineral salts.

The procedure is part of the nutrient cycle and is essential for recycling the finite matter that takes up space in the biosphere. When a live creature dies, its body begins to decompose. Worms, for example, aid in the decomposition of organic materials. Decomposers are organisms that perform this function. Mountain, Boulders, Dead organisms, plants will show an increase in mass.

Hence option C is correct.

Note: The aggregation of particles into a large object by gravitationally absorbing more matter, usually gaseous matter, in an accretion disc is referred to as accretion in astrophysics. Accretion mechanisms are responsible for the formation of certain astronomical objects, such as galaxies, stars, and planets.