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Find the value of \[1%\] of \[1\] hour.

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Hint: Use the formula for finding the percentage of any quantity which states that \[x%\] of \[y\] is equal to \[\dfrac{xy}{100}\]. Also, use the conversion formulas of time for converting hours into minutes and minutes into seconds, which is \[1\] hour \[=60\min \] and \[1\min =60\sec \].

Complete step-by-step answer:
We have to find the value of \[1%\] of \[1\] hour.

We will begin by converting hours into minutes. We know that \[1\] hour \[=60\min \]. Thus, finding the value of \[1%\] of \[1\] hour is equivalent to finding the value of \[1%\] of \[60\min \].

We know that to find the value of \[x%\] of \[y\] we use the formula \[\dfrac{xy}{100}\].

Substituting \[x=1,y=60\min \], we have \[1%\] of \[1\] hour \[=1%\] of \[60\min =\dfrac{1\times 60}{100}=0.6\min \].

Now, we will convert minutes into seconds. We know that \[1\min =60\sec \]. Thus, to find the value of \[0.6\min \] we will simply multiply \[0.6\] by \[60\].

So, we have \[0.6\min =0.6\times 60=36\sec \].

Hence, the value of\[1%\] of \[1\] hour \[=1%\] of \[60\min =0.6\min =36\sec \].

Hours, minutes and seconds are considered the units of time. Unit of time is any particular time interval, used as a standard way of measuring or expressing duration. The base unit of time in the International System of Units is the second. Other units of time include days, weeks and months. We can always convert time from one unit system to another based on the scale of their measurement.

Note: We need to be extremely careful while converting values from one unit system to another. It’s necessary to observe when we should divide or multiply to convert values from one unit system to another. We can also simply write the values in terms of hour, it’s not compulsory to convert them to minutes or seconds.

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