Find the ratio of the given times 45 minutes and 560 seconds.

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Hint – In order to find the ratio first you need to convert 45 minutes into seconds then solve to get the ratio.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The given time whose ratio we need to find is 45 minutes and 560 seconds.
We know that 1 minute = 60 seconds
Then 45 minutes = 60x45 seconds = 2700 seconds……….(1)
And we also know that the ratio of p and q can be written as p:q.
And p:q can be written as $\dfrac{{\text{p}}}{{\text{q}}}$.
So, 2700 seconds and 560 seconds can be written as 2700:560.
And 2700:560 can be written as $\dfrac{{2700}}{{560}} = \dfrac{{135}}{{28}}$
And $\dfrac{{135}}{{28}}$ can be written as 135:28.
Hence the answer is 135:28.

Note – Whenever you face such types of problems of finding ratio then first try to make units of all the terms the same if it is not the same. Then divide the first number from the second number and the value after simplifying will be written as first number ‘:’ this sign then second number. Proceeding in this way it will reach you to the correct solution.
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