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Find the number of matchsticks required to make the pattern of letter ‘H’.

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: We solve this question by using a number of match sticks to make the pattern of the letter H. We are then required to find this number n such that those many matchsticks are required to make the given pattern.

Complete step by step answer:
We are required to make the pattern of the letter ‘H’. This can be done by considering the general shapes of the matchsticks and what the shape is H is. The matchsticks are small wooden sticks with a chemical substance on one tip of it. The basic shape of a matchstick can be considered to be that of a straight line.
Now, looking at the letter H, we can say that it looks like a shape made up of straight lines. It is made up of 3 lines- two vertical and one horizontal. So, using three matchsticks, we can make the letter H. This can be shown as in the figure.
seo images

We have laid the matchsticks with its heads upwards parallel to each other. Then we place a matchstick between the two parallel matchsticks. Doing this, we can complete the shape of the letter ‘H’.
Therefore, since it requires the use of all straight lines, we can use a minimum of three sticks to make the figure.

Note: We need to note that only the minimum number of sticks is three. We can even use more than three matchsticks to complete the shape of the letter ‘H’. Using these matchsticks, we can easily implement the shape or the pattern of any letter written with straight lines like T, V, A, E, etc.