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Find the height of the cuboid whose length, breadth \[\left( b \right)\] and volume are \[35cm\] , \[15cm\] and \[14175c{m^3}\] respectively.

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Here, in the given question, we are asked to find the height of a cuboid whose length, breadth and volume are given. To find the height of the cuboid, we will use the formula of volume of cuboid. By using this formula, we can simply calculate the height as we have all the other edges except for height.
Volume of cuboid= \[lbh\] , where, \[l\] is the length, \[b\] is the breadth and \[h\] is the height of the cuboid.

Complete step by step answer:
Given, a cuboid whose:
Length\[\left( l \right)\]=\[35cm\]
Breadth= \[15cm\]
Volume\[\left( V \right)\]=\[14175c{m^3}\]
Let \[h\] be the height of the cuboid.
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Now, we know that, volume of a cuboid is calculated by the given formula,
\[V = lbh\]
By putting the given values of length, breadth and volume, we get,
\[14175 = 35 \times 15 \times h\]
Dividing by \[525\] both sides, we get,
\[h = 27cm\]
Hence the height of the cuboid whose length, breadth and volume are \[35cm\],\[15cm\] and \[14175c{m^3}\] respectively is \[27cm\].

Note: While doing such type of questions, it is important to check that the dimensions given should be of the same units. Sometimes, in the question, dimensions are given in two different units. In that case, firstly convert all the dimensions in the same unit and then continue to solve.