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Find the distance between the points \[\left( {0,0} \right)\] and \[\left( {36,15} \right)\].

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Hint:- Use distance formula.
As, we are given the points \[\left( {0,0} \right)\] and \[\left( {36,15} \right)\]. And had to find the distance between them.
And we know that if are given with two points \[\left( {{x_1},{y_1}} \right)\] and \[\left( {{x_2},{y_2}} \right)\]
And had to find distance between them. Then we use distance formula
And according to distance formula, distance between them will be,
\[ \Rightarrow \sqrt {{{\left( {{x_1} - {x_2}} \right)}^2} + {{\left( {{y_1} - {y_2}} \right)}^2}} \]
So, applying distance formula for the given points. We will get,
\[ \Rightarrow \]Distance \[ = \sqrt {{{\left( {0 - 36} \right)}^2} + {{\left( {0 - 15} \right)}^2}} \]
Solving above equation. We get,
\[ \Rightarrow \]Distance \[ = \sqrt {1296 + 225} \]
\[ \Rightarrow \]Distance \[ = 39\]
Hence, the distance between the given two points \[\left( {0,0} \right)\] and \[\left( {36,15} \right)\] will be 39 units.

Note:- Whenever we are given two points and asked to find distance between them.
Then we apply distance formula, stated as if \[\left( {{x_1},{y_1}} \right)\] and \[\left( {{x_2},{y_2}} \right)\] are the two points,
then distance between them will be \[\sqrt {{{\left( {{x_1} - {x_2}} \right)}^2} + {{\left( {{y_1} - {y_2}} \right)}^2}} \].
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