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FIll in the blanks and complete the sequence ab_bc_c_ba_c.
(a) baac
(b) aabb
(c) caab
(d) aaab

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: To solve this question first, we will break the sequence into four parts. Then individually we will figure out in what format or pattern, the letters abc are arranged or written, then accordingly we will select the right option which will complete and satisfy the series.

Complete step-by-step solution
Now, if we see the question.
We have, ab_, then bc_, then c_b, and then a_c
Now, we can see that terms are in cyclic order.
A cyclic way is an order to arrange a set of objects in a cyclic order. A sequence of letters in a series is formed by simply repeating the same group of letters by skipping one letter in cyclic order.
So, if we take abc.
Then in cyclic order, from a” we have abc, from b we have bca and from c we have cab.
So, if we compare the above order with the sequence given in the question,
If we put c in first space, we have $ab\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{c}$, then a in second space $bc\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}$, then a in third space, we have $c\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}b$ and b in fourth space, we have $a\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{b}c$.
So, terms in the sequence given in question were in cyclic order.
So, sequence becomes, $ab\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{c}bc\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}c\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{a}ba\underset{\scriptscriptstyle-}{b}c$.
Thus, we have caab
Hence, option ( c ) is correct.

Note: To do such questions, logic plays an important role, and time management is important, so try to solve it fast. Another method in which you can try to put each option one by one and then check whether any pattern gets formed for each option and then discard the three wrong options.