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Fill in the blank with the most appropriate answer. Gloria is a very good dancer. She dances___.
A) Good
B) Goodly
C) Very good
D) Well

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Hint: The given blank has to be filled with an adverb, a word that describes verbs and adjectives. This is because the word before the blank is a verb. Verbs are action words and tell us what action the subject is doing. Some examples of adverbs are; She sings very nicely. He talks politely.

Complete answer:
The blank given in the question has to be filled with an adverb. Adverbs are those words that are used to describe or modify verbs or adjectives. We need an adverb to fill the blank because the word prior to the blank is ‘dances’, which is a verb. Now let us take a look at the options and find out which of these is an adverb.

Now let us look into the given options:
Option (A) Good – The word ‘good’ is an adjective and is used to describe or modify nouns. ‘Dances’ is a verb and hence we need an adverb to describe or modify it. Thus, ‘good’ cannot be used in this case and is the incorrect option.
Option (B) Goodly – The word ‘goodly’ is also an adjective and is used to refer to things that have a considerable size or quantity. For e.g. There was a goodly number audience present at the show. Therefore, it is a wrong option.
Option (C) Very good – This option contains an adverb and an adjective. But the adverb ‘very’ is describing the adjective ‘good’, and not the ‘dance’ that is given in the question. Thus, this is also an incorrect option.
Option (D) Well – The word ‘well’ is used as an adverb and it tells us how ‘she dances’. Hence, this is the correct option.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (D) i.e, Gloria is a very good dancer. She dances well.

Note: Difference between adjective and adverbs:
A noun or pronoun is modified by an adjective, which is a part of the vocabulary. Adjectives are used to describe what kind, how many, or the nouns or pronouns are. An adverb is a word that modifies the meaning of another adverb, verb, or adjective. To form an adverb, we generally add -ly after an adjective. For e.g. nice is an adjective. When we add -ly, it becomes ‘nicely’ and now it is an adverb. But there are certain exceptions where the adverb does not end with -ly. For e.g. good, fast, often, etc.