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Fill in the blank with a suitable possessive form of the noun in the bracket.
 The ____yokes were made of mango wood, which was locally available. (oxen)
A) Ox’s
B) Oxen’s
C) Oxes
D) Oxens’

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Hint:First we must read all the given options and we must know the usage of the words. Later we must know the usage of the different words. Choose the option which will be grammatically correct. Also we must see that the selected option will make the sentence meaningful.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Possessive noun: Possessive noun is a noun, which shows ownership.
Now, let’s examine and understand the given options above.
Ox’s: In this sentence, we need to use the plural word ‘oxen ‘. This option is not an appropriate answer because ‘ox’ is a singular word and according to the possessive noun rules here the apostrophe is also used incorrectly.
Oxes: As the plural word ‘oxen ‘should be used and with that the apostrophe but ‘es’ has been used incorrectly and also ‘ox’ is a singular word that’s why this is not an appropriate option.
Oxens’: This option is incorrect because ‘oxen ‘word is used plural here but the apostrophe is wrongly placed at the end. It should be after ‘oxen ‘and before‘s’ letter.
Oxen’s: This is a correct option because according to the possessive noun rules. In this sentence we need to use the apostrophe immediately and with plural we need to use ‘s’ letter after the apostrophe.
So the appropriate answer will be option [B].

Note:SIngular noun represents one person, place or thing. Plural nouns represent more than one person, place or thing.
Some nouns are the same in singular and plural form. Eg- Headquarters, Gymnastics, etc.