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Fill in the blank with a suitable interjection:
 __________ I slipped.
A) Ouch!
B) Alas!
C) Hurrah!
D) Eh!

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Hint:First read the given options carefully. We must know about the words and situations where they are used and choose the option which will be grammatically correct and makes a meaningful sentence.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Let’s understand first what an interjection is.
Interjection: An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion. They are not grammatically related to the other words in a sentence. E.g. Oops! Oh! Hush! Bravo!
Example: 1) Hello! What are you doing there?
2) Ah! Have they gone?
Now let’s examine and understand the option given above.
Alas! – This word is basically used for emotion as grief, sadness, misfortune, especially for bad news, and for regret, etc. As per sentence point of view it is not suitable.
Example: Alas! He is dead.
Hurrah! – This word is basically used for celebration, happiness, joy, appreciation, bravery, etc. As it is clear from the sentence that it is about negative emotion or pain so, it is not a suitable word for the given sentence.
Example: Hurrah! We have won the game.
Eh! – This word is basically used to state a request, command, an opinion, to confirm a criticism, an ending, etc. The sentence is completely different so it is not a suitable word for the given sentence.
Example: It was a good web series, eh?
Ouch! – This word is basically used to express sudden pain or when something unkind said by someone, etc.
Hence, it is absolutely appropriate for the given sentence so the correct option will be option [A] Ouch!

Note:Interjection is a word, feeling or a phrase that expresses the feelings, emotions, etc. Interjections end with a punctuation mark.