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Fill in the blank:
________ of eye controls the amount of light into the eye.

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint: Light helps us in the sensation of vision. If there is no light then we can’t see anything and the organ which is responsible for viewing the human eye. It is one of the most delicate organs present in the human body and helps us to see the objects around us. It consists of many parts and each has its own unique role to play.

Complete answer:
The eye consists of a lens which is a convex lens as it converges the ray of light in order to make the image onto the retina. Retina is the light sensitive membrane and is attached to the brain with the help of optic nerves.

The eye starts with cornea which is a transparent structure found at the front. Behind it is the pupil which is a colorless structure that is a convex lens. The next in line is the iris and A clear fluid called the aqueous humor fills the space between the cornea and the iris. It is the iris which holds the key to the amount of light entering into our eye. The iris has an
adjustable circular opening called the pupil, which can expand or contract to control the amount of light entering the eye.

So, the answer is Iris.

Note:The lens is held in place with the help of ciliary muscles, many times we get confused that ciliary muscles control the amount of light, but it is the iris. Ciliary muscles hold the lens and they change the shape of the lens according to the amount of light present in the surroundings.