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How do you express $3.4{\text{ }}.{\text{ }}{10^4}$ as an ordinary number?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: To solve such questions start by expanding the ${10^4}$ term in the given number. Next substitute the expanded term in the given number. Then move one decimal point to the right. Finally, multiply the two terms to get the ordinary number.

Complete step by step answer:
Given $3.4{\text{ }}.{\text{ }}{10^4}$
It is asked to write the given number as an ordinary number.
First write ${10^4}$ in the expanded form, that is,
${10^4} = 10000$
Now substitute this in the given number, that is,
$3.4{\text{ }} \times {\text{ }}10000$
$3.4$ can be written as $\dfrac{{34}}{{10}}$ . So it can be seen that,
$\dfrac{{34}}{{10}} \times 10000$
Canceling out the numerator and denominator, we get,
$34{\text{ }} \times {\text{ }}1000$
Further multiplying we get,

Hence the ordinary number of $3.4{\text{ }}.{\text{ }}{10^4}$ is $\;34000$ .

Additional information:
A pattern of writing used to express a number is known as a number system. There are various types of number systems: decimal number system, binary number system, octal number system, etc. various types of numbers are natural numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and real numbers. A number that says about the position of any object in a given list is known as an ordinal number. A number that tells how many objects are there in a list is known as a cardinal number. But an ordinary number is just the expanded version of the standard form of a number. Ordinary numbers may contain real, rational, whole, or irrational numbers in them.

Note: The mistakes that can happen here are while expanding the raise to power terms and multiplying. If the number ten is raised to a positive power, then the decimal point should be moved to the right side. Always remember that an ordinary number is just the expanded version of the standard form of a number.