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Explain the rights conferred under Right to Freedom (Article 19).

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint:Rights are legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom.
The rights are some things someone has which individuals think should not be moved out. It is like a rule what a person can do or what cannot.

Complete answer:
The Right to Freedom is the fundamental right which a person has. It is guaranteed by the constitution of India. The right to freedom is provided to every citizen of a country.
The Right to Freedom is extremely important because it is that condition in which the individual has the opportunity to talk, to act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions.
Article 19 shall have some rights which are-
-Right to freedom of speech and expression.
-Right to assemble peace in a country.
-Right to form an association and unions.
-Right to move freely here and there in a country.
-Right to live or settle down in this part of the country.
-Right to practice any profession, or to carry some business or occupation, trade and commerce.
-Right to have some professional and technical qualifications to start a profession, occupation or trade or commerce.
The state or a corporation has control of a business, trade and commerce.

Note: Right to freedom generates some liberty to speak, to act. Right to freedom is provided by law. It is necessary to respect and to keep the reputation of the right to Freedom.