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Explain the meaning of Bharatanatyam by correctly matching the following
(A) BhaRhythm
(B) RaEmotion
(C) TaMusical Notes
(D) NatyamDrama

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Hint: The tones are suggesting that one of its options is meeting with the way it is sounding. It is performed and is associated with Devadasi Culture as they express their emotions by performing dance.

Complete answer:
Bharatanatyam was previously called Sadira Attam, as it is a major form of dance in India that is very much related to Tamil Nadu as it is one of the oldest classical dance traditions in India. It has been played and nurtured in temples and all across southern India since ancient times. It is the type of form which is used to express the South Indian religious themes and spiritual and it is one of the eight forms.
The word Bani is used to describe a form of dance technique as Bharatanatyam is a type of Banis. Bharatanatyam is very well known for its hands, eyes, movement in face muscles, bent legs and knees, and a good amount of footwork and many other things to expertise in it. As, unlike other dance forms this dance is accompanied by a singer and music which is usually their dance guru, the one who directed and conducted that dance.
So, here the word Bha means emotions, Ra means the music notes which I have highlighted in the hint, Ta is the rhythm and Natyam is all the drama involved in the dance.

Note: Bharatanatyam is the type of dance form which has music in it and the rhythm to make one move and the expression is the most important thing to adhere to the Natyashastra.
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