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Explain the importance of the food for living organisms.

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: Living organisms are human beings, animals and plants which have a requirement for food to survive in their surroundings. They show a high divergence in their physical appearance, but they all grow and develop during their life cycle.

Complete answer:All living organisms carry out various fundamental functions like growth, development, nutrition, respiration, reproduction and excretion to remain alive. They require food or some other form of nutrition to survive and interact effectively with their surroundings. The main characteristic of living things is nutrition, all living things need nutrition to grow. All plants and animals require food to survive. Plants make their food by photosynthesis in presence of sunlight. Whereas, animals depend on plants for their food. Animals in the wild have to go and find their food on their own. If we have animals on the farm, we find food for them. Cows buffaloes, and horses eat grass. goats and sheep eat grass and also other plants. We also feed the chicken on the farm, they eat grains. Some animals eat other dead animals, the vulture and hyena eat dead animals.
Food is the source of vital energy for our body, our body performs by utilizing the energy from food. It acts as a fuel to produce energy in the mitochondria. Glucose from the food combines with the oxygen we breathe and directs to a mechanism known as oxidative phosphorylation, which synthesizes energy in the form of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Carbon dioxide and water molecules are produced as by-products of the above mechanism.

Note: Food helps in the growth and development of living beings. It helps in the repair mechanism of damaged parts of the body. It also gives the energy required for several activities. It gives immunity to fight against several pathogens and protect from infections and diseases. It also helps in overall growth and progress of an organism.