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Who established an English class in Calcutta and Madras?
A. British Government
B. East India Company
C. Bengal Government
D. None of these

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint: Before the British came to India, the Hindus were educated through Pathshalas and Muslims through Madrasas. When the British came to India as a part of their ‘ civilising mission’ they undertook English education. This class of people would help them to interpret between the Government and the masses.

Complete answer: The President of the Board of control was Sir Charles Wood. He played a major role in bringing English education to India and the emancipation of female education. According to Wood, primary schools must adopt vernacular education, high schools must take on Anglo vernacular and colleges should teach in English. He also emphasised upon the Vocational and education of women. The East India Company established the University of Calcutta, Madras, University of Punjab and Allahabad after Wood’s despatch.
The recommendations which were given by Artwood were:
1. English education for Indians to increase their moral character. This would also help the East India Company to find new workers and Civil servants.
2.Every province was to set up an English department.
3. Indians would be trained in their mother tongues too.
4. Every district would have to open one government school.
5.Education of women was to be supported by the government.
Option A is correct.

Note: After Wood’s despatch, the East India Company set up schools in every district and English education was promoted. Wood’s Despatch is known as the ‘Magna Carta Of English education in India.