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Why is epidermis important for the plants?
A. It gives protection
B. It helps in gaseous exchange
C. It checks water loss
D. All of the above

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Hint: The epidermis is a single layer of cells that covers the leaves, flowers, roots and stems of the plants. It plays a very important role in the plant as well as animal cells. It is present as a barrier between plants and the outer environment. It also helps in the removal of waste from the plants.

Complete answer:
The cells are covered by the outer layer called the epidermis. It is the waxy cuticle layer which provides a protective barrier against mechanical injury, water loss, and infection. It protects all the surface of the plants without any intercellular space in it.

It covers the outer body and protects them from pathogen attack and atmospheric changes.

The tiny pores are present in the outer part of the leaves called stomata which help in the gaseous exchange. The plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The lenticels present on the woody stem for the gaseous exchange,

It also helps in the transpiration process by which leaves remove extra water from the plants. The epidermis bearing stomata also helps in removal of water from the plants. The stomata open and close, as per the requirement of the plants.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D).

Note: The epidermal hairs are present in some of the plants which prevent the loss of water from the plants. it is protected by the cuticle. The epidermal cells are resistant to water and hence it reduces loss of water in the plant. The epidermis is present all along the life of the plants except some monocots. It is also differentiated to the apical meristem and also called as protodermis. The epidermis also contains many sub divisions in its layer.
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