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Environment consists of
A) Land, air, water
B) Light, temperature and rainfall
C) Plants, animals and microbes
D) All of the above

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Hint: The surrounding or the conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives is called an environment. The environment simply means nature.

Complete Answer:
To solve this question we must know the definition of environment and its importance.
The environment can be defined as the surroundings or the conditions in which an organism lives.
The environment encompasses the interaction between the biotic and the abiotic components. In a natural system the organisms or the biotic components are dependent on the abiotic or non-living components for survival. It is also known as an ecosystem.

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1) Biotic components- The biotic or the living component comprises plants, animals, microbes etc. They undergo metabolism, reproduce, and depend on other organisms for food. They also have the capacity to undergo natural selection so as to adapt with the surroundings.
2) Abiotic components- These are the non-living components which directly affect the living organisms. It comprises physical factors like sunlight, soil, temperature, moisture, availability of water, geographical location etc. Living organisms can survive only under the favourable physical conditions.
An example of an ecosystem is the terrestrial ecosystem.

Thus the correct answer is (D) All of the above.

Note: The flow of energy in an environment or ecosystem is in between the organisms. The living conditions of the living organisms in an environment are affected by the climate changes in an environment.